Terms and Conditions

Parisine replacement policy
1. Terms and Conditions
• No refund in whatever form ( E.G. Cash, Credit Card, Coupons) will be entertained for any product sold. • "Seven” Days replacement guarantee will be offered for products sold. • To be eligible for replacement, packaging of the products and all accessories. Must be kept intact and original invoice(s) must be produced. • All Gifts and coupons must be returned. No altered/ damaged invoice(s) or invoice copies will be accepted. • Replacement of electrical or combustion/ burning products must be done in person and on-site at our shop.
2. Ineligibility
No replacement will be accepted in any of the following circumstance : • Purchase was made more than seven days before. • Packaging is not kept intact rot the product is damaged, destroyed or not in good condition. • No original invoice can be presented or failure to return the gift or gift voucher(s). In case of any dispute, the final decision is absolutely ours.
3. Replacement notes
• Products may be replaced once no replacement shall be accepted for replaced items. • Gifts and coupons must be returned upon replacement application. Gifts and coupons are not refundable whatsoever. • No refunds will be available if the price of the replaced item is lower than the originally purchased product. • If the price of the replaced item is higher than the originally purchased product, the customer must pay the difference in cash.
4. International shipping Services
International shipping includes Asia, Australia, America and Europe, etc.By placing an order at Parisine you are responsible for original shipping charges, all applicable custom import fees to Parisine. This also applies to any shipments that are refused by you at delivery.
5. Completion of transaction
Products are deemed to be fully accepted if no replacement application is made within seven days upon purchase. We shall assume to the responsibility on the sold products and shall not entertain any replacement request thereafter.
6. Disclaimer
We reserve our right to suspend, amend or cancel “ seven days replacement guarantee” at anytime without prior notice.