Parisine is now providing service to the wedding industry!

Having genuine passion for fragrance, Parisine wishes to create a wedding that will last in your memory long and never fall behind times.。

Do you know that olfaction is the most powerful sense of human? It is tightly connected with our memory. Whenever you smell the familiar wedding scent, scenes of your big day will immediately be conjured up.

Perfume is definitely the best choice of wedding favours as it is practical but evocative at the same time, which can always bring back memories. Premade perfume wedding favours allow newlyweds to choose their signature fragrance combination in advance. As to mini perfume bar, it allows guests to customise their perfumes on the spot.

The latter also plays a role as a decoration and brings more interactions and amusement to your wedding! Whether to choose premade perfume wedding favours or mini perfume bar, it all depends on the scale, style and theme of your wedding!

Besides wedding favours, we also offer scenting service for your wedding to envelop your guests with pleasant aroma. Our fragrance consultants will tailor a scenting plan to your wedding needs by providing scented candles and business fragrance diffusers, meanwhile newlyweds choose a fragrance combination that represents your love story.

A wedding dressed with fragrance will make your wedding day a more unforgettable and incredible moment for you and your guests.

Please contact us to know more about our wedding services!