Tilleul Pour la Nuit

$ 685.00


Body-care water – 100mL Drop-dispenser
Its soul
By combining the perfumer’s mastery with the concepts of cosmetics from natural origin, Parfums d’Orsay reinvents your skin with body-care water Tilleul pour la Nuit, coddles your body and sublimates your spirit.
Its virtues
- From natural origin, colour and alcohol-free
- Relaxing and soothing fragrance
- Smooth hydrating texture tested under control

Application Ritual
Collect in the palm of your hand and apply or massage into the skin. Can be used as often as necessary
An absolute relaxation and gently perfumed, hydrated skin.

Its fragrance
Blue Camomil – Petitgrain – Linden Blossom
Its notes
Blue Camomil – Petitgrain – Linden Blossom – Thyme – Beeswax – Black Locust

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