E.ALZIARY - Organic Lavender Essential Oil

$ 490.00


Organic Essential Oil,10ml, Price:$490


Its soul

Lavender is a very potent essential oil with relaxing, claiming, antibacterial and healing properties. This essential oil helps you to get to sleep and relax.


Instruction For Use


Massage :

The topical application through skin massage treats insomnia or cramps.
Pour 5 drops in a tablespoon(15mL) of vegetable oil. Rub the legs in case of cramps of feet for relaxation.


Diffusion :

The diffuser should not heat essential oils.
Please refer to the E.Alziary Aroma Diffuser and Air Purifier instructions for use.


Bath :

For a zen and relaxing moment, pour 10 drops of lavender essential oil and a tablespoon(15mL) of vegetable oil in warm bath water.