Jn Giraud Fils

Introduction – Jn Giraud Fils

Nineteenth century. A wind of exoticism is blowing over Europe in the shadow of the great Western maritime expeditions. The elsewhere awakens all the senses: sight, caressing untouched Nature; hearing, flattered by its mysterious symphony; touch, enveloped in the incredible smoothness of sacred groves.

About smells, the Parisian public is in search of distant and authentic scents, fragrances that inspire at the same time comfort, escape and the joy of discovery.

Founded in Grasse in 1853, the Savonnerie et Parfumerie Jean Giraud Fils owes its success to its exotic scented trails such as Bouquet Égyptien, Mont Blanc, Cuir de Russe and Veraflor which perpetuate these ideas of travel through time and space.