In 2015, Parisine was founded by Ms. Amélie Huynh, who wishes to share the very essence of Paris with all fragrance enthusiasts through exquisite scents. The expression Parisine emerged during 1870s, referring to the magical and romantic touch of Paris, which is also a byword for elegance, as if a scene of old street in France with invisible aroma crossing in our mind. We feature several century-old classic fragrance brands, hoping to bring you a series of delicate fragrance products, including perfume, home fragrance, diffusers, scented candles, etc. The Scent Bar introduced by Parisine allows one who loves pursuing lifestyle to seek one’s unique personal perfume and home fragrance, filling every corner of your life with elegance and aroma. Our fragrance experts and consultants possess knowledge of perfume and scent, and never spare themselves to know more about your preferences, so as to leave you a memorable journey to discover perfume and feel the irresistible French touch.