In 1850, Mr Alziary founded a perfumery in Grasse, a small city in the south of France, also known as the capital of perfume. The original name of the company was Pélissier-Aragon.

After a successful 50-year of expansion, the deep political and social changes in Europe, at the beginning of the 20th century, led the company to give birth to Nogara.

Nogara, an anagram for Aragon, was created in 1924, inspired by the precious raw materials of the region.

Scent can evoke one’s memory and that is how Nogara starts. At the beginning of 1920s, a young man from France called Pierre went hunting in the forest. He was attacked by the beasts horribly and lost his eyesight. An owner of an orchard saved him and took him to his manor. The daughter of the owner, Julien took care of Pierre meticulously every day. Although he could not see but he could feel how gentle Julien was and the scent of citrus and wood whenever she moved.

As the young man recovered and left the manor, Julien and her family moved away as well. Pierre visited a perfumer and asked him to mingle a fragrance same as the scent of the girl. Although scent is hard to be described, Pierre still told every detail that he could remember, which was a vivacious citrus scent.

With the bottle of perfume, Pierre eventually found Julien. Julien was moved by Pierre’s sincerity and decided to spend her whole lifetime with him. This perfume, Bouquet of Chypre, was also the first perfume that Nogara launched after it was renamed.

Nowadays the brand is revived at Parisine. The mission of Parisine is to share the legendary French perfume brands, unveiling a totally exclusive and pioneering experience where the customers are invited to compose their own fragrance, by the help of our perfumes.