Fragrance is probably the most romantic expression of love. In 1830, Count Alfred d’Orsay, a famous French dandy at the time, created a perfume as a declaration to his beloved one. The success then gave birth to the founding of Parfums d’Orsay.

Over time, Parfums d’Orsay continues to create incredible French-made fragrances to celebrate the lovers. Made with passion, these fragrances associate elegance with creativity, achieving a true alchemy between the perfume and the one who wears it. We select only the finest raw materials, combined in the best concentration for enveloping fragrances and wonderful lasting.

Originated in France, the fragrant creations are full of French vibes, bringing you a unique but contemporary scent experience, with a pinch of classicism. Quality, compatibility and environmental consciousness are taken into consideration during the manufacturing process of our products.

Parfums d’Orsay wishes to bring you a natural and reliable scent, enabling you to blossom and smell pleasant.