Parisine established the Oroman fragrance to expand the fragrance layout into the commercial space. AAM is a professional air management consultant company
(AROMATIC AIR MANAGEMENT, AAM for short), which is the space fragrance company owned by Parisine.

AAM is mainly engaged in the development of a space fragrance diffusion system, which provides fragrance marketing products for enterprises.
It adopts AIRTEC micron atomization technology and equipment, and the French brand of fragrance art oil so that the fragrance can fully and stably spread the fragrance in the air. Create a unique atmosphere.

The French essential oils are inspired by Paris to create a fragrant fragrance. They are based on noble raw materials.
They are different from ordinary unilateral essential oils. They can present the scent of the front and the middle, which is the core value of Parisine fragrance.

The fragrance has proven to be suitable for use in the business environment, helping to achieve business goals and drive brand growth.
AAM promotes the importance of olfactory branding in the potential market and has become a leader in the fragrance marketing industry,
providing a comprehensive range of air management systems and technologies for its customers.